Milano Crystal Wine Decanter
Milano Crystal Wine Decanter

Milano Crystal Wine Decanter


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Milano Crystal Wine Decanter
Hand Blown Romanian Glassware


  • Each of these beautiful crystal Wine Decanters is produced individually in Romania by skilled artisans using traditional glass-blowing techniques
  • Each lead-free¬†24%¬†crystal Wine Decanter capture the light brilliantly
  • The stained glass pattern projects amazing colors of red, blue, yellow, and 24K gold accents
  • The cobalt blue swirl and stained glass pattern is applied by hand which makes each wine decanter a unique work of art
  • Each crystal wine decanter holds 6 cups

About Decanters

Besides providing an elegant way to serve wine, decanters also allow air to mix with wine in a process called aeration. Aeration allows the wine to breathe. The mixing with air begins oxidation processes which trigger the release of more aroma compounds and allows the flavors of the wine to fully reveal themselves. Red wines benefit most from this process, but even white wines can improve with a little aeration. Typically 15-20 minutes should be long enough, but wines with strong tannins may need longer to properly aerate.


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